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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk takes place outdoors, usually in a park. We both agree on the location before we schedule a session. You will need outdoor clothing and shoes, everything else is like a conventional counselling session.


Walk & Talk requires a minimal level of fitness; we just walk side by side at your pace. We don't need to walk all the time - we can break to sit on a bench, or even on the grass if you feel like it. Sessions last 50 minutes like a face-to-face session, but we can make it shorter if you wish.


Walking side by side doesn't require a lot of eye contact, so for some people it can be less stressful than sitting face to face in an office. Besides, being physically active may help stimulate thoughts and ideas. This option can be especially attractive to people who work in an office all day, and could use a bit of fresh air. Being in the open, exposed to sights and sounds may be relaxing and promote the therapeutic process. We can switch between Walk & Talk and in-office sessions, depending on timetable availability.


If you are wondering whether you'll feel self-conscious about having a counselling session in the open, keep in mind that other walkers will see two people having a chat - if they pay attention to us at all. We may decide to stop our conversation when in earshot of another person, and we will agree on how to handle the possibility of running into someone you know. We may also discuss whether there are certain subjects you prefer not to discuss in the open, instead leaving those for in-office sessions. It's important that you feel equally comfortable and secure in the counselling room and in the outdoors.


Of course the weather may throw a spanner in our plans. If rain is in the forecast, we will decide whether to go ahead if conditions are not too bad, to cancel or postpone it. Similarly, if it begins to rain during our session, we may continue, end the session, or complete it another time. It's your call, and there will be no pressure to set off or proceed if the weather is unsuitable for you.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards. 
Vernon Law

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